Where should CircuitPython go in 2022?

Looking back at 2021

Some of the goals I proposed for 2021 have been accomplished, yay!

At a personal level, I accomplished one of the goals I listed, which was to improve my skills at 3D modeling and in particular I have become reasonably competent at part design using FreeCAD.

Some items we made progress on, but there's always room for further improvement:

Some big pieces of progress we made that I didn't even anticipate (but wish I had) were

Looking forward to 2022

I'm not a big picture visionary about where the project should head. Lots of times it's modest or even invisible changes that give me the most satisfaction.

I look forward to implementing new drivers for hardware I wouldn't have dreamed of working on (reading from old DOS floppy drives, perfect example), adapting old algorithms into CircuitPython (let's do more image processing or maybe start doing audio processing), and finding small efficiency improvements and firmware size savings when they're needed.

I want to both learn more about and improve asyncio. A personal project goal would be to have an interactive display that continues to update & respond to input even while doing wifi requests. I don't think this works right now (I could be wrong), and I don't know how much is needed in order to make it work.

I look forward to hearing all about the projects you (yes, you) are planning to do in 2022; let's figure out if CircuitPython is the right coding language for those projects, and if it's not let's figure out if there are sensible additions that will make it work.

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