Where should CircuitPython go in 2021?

Looking back at 2020

In my list for last year, I focused on timekeeping and time measurement. We did do two out of the four goals I mentioned: the built-in time module now works from a real-time clock peripheral, and I implemented minimal time-zone handling for CircuitPython, though it's not sufficiently polished to add to the community bundle.

Together, these enabled one of my 2020 projects, a CircuitPython clock that is accurate to within better than 1 second per month, handles my local time zone rule, and has a battery back up so it doesn't need to be set after power is lost. I never blogged the full project, but there are bits and pieces scattered about: 1 2 3 4

On the other hand, the things I'm proudest of helping with in 2020 didn't even figure on my list—they were unanticipated. The two items I'm thinking of are bringing Zoltán Vörös's ulab into CircuitPython, and making it much easier for users to contribute to CircuitPython translations by setting up Hosted Weblate.

Looking forward to 2021

This year, I don't want to be so closely focused on features that just a few people may be interested in. Also, many of the 2020 submissions I was most struck by were those that focused more on the human side than on the technical. With that in mind, here are some of the broader goals I think we should set:

There are also some pain points that we need to deal with sooner or later, but in many cases the right idea hasn't come up yet. We should keep an eye out for ideas on solving these problems:

Finally, some personal goals I have related to CircuitPython and projects in general:

Spilling the beans on one particular project I'd love to do in 2021, why isn't there a MagTag-like podcast player appliance running CircuitPython? There are a few missing pieces before this becomes possible, but I think we could—and should—do it.

I fully anticipate that once again the best things in 2021 will be the ones I didn't even imagine. I can't wait to see what this community builds together in 2021.

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