Friendlier unicode entry in rxvt-unicode

I recently was hanging out on #rxvt-unicode where a fellow user mentioned that entering unicodes via the shift+ctrl+<hex digits> method was inconvenient. He mentioned that some other program (which?) uses shift+ctrl+u followed by hex digits. So I wrote a perl plugin for rxvt-unicode that does just that.

Assuming you're already using rxvt-unicode, put this in your urxvt-perl directory and add "unichr" to "perl-ext". For instance, I have:

URxvt*perl-lib: /home/jepler/.urxvt-perl
URxvt*perl-ext: unichr,matcher,-selection
and unichr is in /home/jepler/.urxvt-perl/unichr

After 'installation', open a fresh terminal, press shift+ctrl+u and then enter the unicode code point in hex, then hit enter. e.g., C-S-u 221e types ∞.

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