zeldaTp.patch: Nintendo stepped in (part 3 of 3, I guess)

I spent a few evenings trying to get an indication that my code inside the savegame was being executed on the wii (basically inserting what I had identified as the color setting function at the start of the shellcode area) and didn't have an immediate success. But now Nintendo has released a set of updates which specifically block the Zelda hack. They have inserted special code in the system menu to specifically check the length of NUL-terminated strings in the Zelda: Twilight Princess savegame file. This would reduce a GPL'd zelda loader from being an important piece of Free software to being an uninteresting footnote, so I'm not going to spend more time on this endavour.

If you're a reader with an interest in savegame exploits, though, I urge you to read this; if you have an existing homebrew loader such as HBC, you can use wiifuse+net to read and install savegame files without needing any keys. Let me know when you have something interesting!

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