Fest 2007

I'm attending the CNC Workshop 2007 in Galesburg, IL. The emc developers call it "fest". So far we've been working on Constant Surface Speed for lathes, and I plan to work next on Feed per Revolution. Update: Feed Per Revolution is also implemented.

The photograph shows two threads cut by EMC on Chris Radek's servo lathe. The tip is cut to a hemisphere using G43 cutter shape compensation. "Once I set my tool offsets correctly, the values in the Machinery's Handbook just worked", said Chris.

Mini-documentation for CSS (subject to change, alpha-quality implentation on CVS trunk):

The center of rotation is assumed to be at the machine X=0. When G43 is in effect, the calculated tool tip location is used to determine the radius. Coordinate system offsets are not considered.

Mini-documentation for FPR (subject to change, alpha-quality implementation on CVS trunk):

Feed-per-revolution uses velocity feedback on the new pin motion.spindle-speed-in, which is in revolutions per second.
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