EMC2 on x86_64 with SMP (UPDATED)

As I posted earlier, I've succeeded in running emc2 on a 64-bit realtime system. Now I've tried enabling SMP too, and had some success. Here are the configuration files and scripts to compile linux and rtai-magma. Update: fixed the page's internal links and slightly expanded instructions.

The link configures the kernel for my particular machine (many modules are disabled). After selecting that .config file in menuconfig/xconfig, run build-kernel-package-smp.sh to produce a group of kernel deb files. Install the kernel-image and kernel-headers debian packages before configuring rtai-magma by running the configure-magma-smp.sh script, then build and install. I use "make && sudo make install" on rtai, and the uninstall is easy (rm -rf /usr/realtime-kernel-version).

At the outset, I ran into odd problems with the smp realtime kernel, but now it seems to be working OK. Whether it's just a fluke to work on any particular reboot, or whether I changed something but just don't know what, I can't tell you. But the machine where I'm running this has passed the emc2 testsuite a few dozen times on this boot which is encouraging.

Files currently attached to this page:

build-kernel-package-smp.sh197 bytes
configure-magma-smp.sh194 bytes

(originally posted on the AXIS blog)

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