1MHz+ Quadrature Divider for attiny13

This untested code, along with an Eagle schematic and board layout, are for a quadrature divider that polls at over 1MHz. The R and S test points are used to program the device.

Like the 400kHz triple divider, this program uses a state table generated by "mkstate.py", and is GPL software.

For real-world use, external pull-ups should probably be added to the board's input side, according to the directions of the encoder manufacturer.

Update, 6/2014: Some notes from Paul M:

I noticed in the source you have PORTB and PINB used at the bottom of quad-tiny13.S where you're reading the pins, operating the state table and outputting. I think these should be PORT & PIN, which is to say the converted addresses. I had to change these (using gcc-avr, avrdude in linux etc) for it to work. Also the quick out statement works fine. Nice job lining up the bits, that's pretty cool!

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