Experimental Ubuntu 8.04 + EMC2 Live CD

Alex Joni has announced a Live (and installable) Ubuntu 8.04 CD with EMC2 and a real-time kernel included. Update, 2009: By now this has been quite well tested and unless you have other reasons to prefer 6.06, you should probably install a new machine with 8.04. The original warning still follows for the sake of posterity.

If you have a non-production system you'd like to test on, and feel you can give good bug reports in the event of trouble, maybe you should give it a spin. But heed Alex's warning:


Before describing download and install procedures I would like to point out that at this point the packages have been tested by a semi-large number of people, and only a couple problems have been reported so far (on some hardware where it doesn't work at all). Therefore I do not encourage at this point to replace a working dapper install with the new hardy version. Dapper is still supported until 2009, and as long as it's supported we will be building emc2 packages for it.
In addition to the 32-bit Live CD, you can also add emc2 to a 64-bit install by using the emc2-install.sh mentioned in the linked message. That version is even more experimental than the 32-bit version; Unfortunately, I see kernel crashes after 2 days to 2 weeks even when not running EMC2.
(originally posted on the AXIS blog)

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