Oh no! My wii is broken

My wii has developed the GPU overheating problem, which causes annoying little visual artifacts to appear in games. My should still be in warranty (barely, I bought it 13 months ago, but I'm supposed to have an additional 3 month warranty for registering the wii online), so hopefully nintendo will fix it free of charge and without me losing my virtual console purchases (watch this space). Update, 20080522: After a phone call to NOA, I got my repair changed from "Payment due: $82.50" to covered under warranty. I'll have to hold my breath for a few weeks to find out about the fate of my virtual console titles.

Lucky for me I never modded my wii!

Maybe I'll use this as an excuse to pick up a used PS2. Update: I did. We Love Katamari is now devouring my time.

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