AXIS has become a part of EMC2

AXIS, the graphical front-end with preview and backplot, is now a part of EMC2.

The CVS server at has been retired, and the old axis repository has been moved to 'axis-historical' on New development of AXIS will take place in the 'emc2' module, also on

If you were already building AXIS inside the emc source tree, you will have to issue these commands from the top directory before doing a 'cvs up':

    rm -r share lib/python 
then, update (cvs up -Pd) and re-run configure. If you have all the prerequisites, configure prints 'Will build AXIS' near the end.

Note that 'make install' will not currently copy the AXIS files to the install directory. Please use "--enable-run-in-place" for now. Please feel free to report problems or successes on the emc-users or emc-developers list.

Historical releases of AXIS are still available.

(originally posted on the AXIS blog)

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