CNC workshop 2007: threads from emc on servo lathe

These photos show 4 threads with different four diameters and pitches (6-32, 10-24, ¾-20, and ⅜-16—those are the four nuts we found) being cut with emc. The program takes advantage of the new constant surface speed and feed per revolution features when facing, turning, and parting. (It may also use CSS when threading, but I'm not sure) This really seem to improve the chip and finish. As before, the lathe is Chris's sherline retrofit with servo motors, 2-axis l298 servo amplifier, and pluto-p servo controller.

Other work has included bugfixes to the classicladder and motenc drivers which had crept in and prevented toolchanges on the mazak from taking place.

(originally posted on the AXIS blog)

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