Seeking contribution of patch to support emc1 HEAD

AXIS is not currently compatible with emc1 HEAD, due to some incompatible interpreter changes in emc1. The first problem is the new "callback" function GET_EXTERNAL_RS274NGC_INI_DATA which is simply not implemented by AXIS, but there may be other additional problems related to the "subroutine" support.

We are hoping to release AXIS 1.1 real soon now, but because neither of us use the emc1 HEAD, it won't be supported without a patch from the community.

If this support is important to you, please contribute a patch in e-mail to me ( or chris ( We will happily include it if it does not harm support for the emc versions we use, namely the cradek_stable branch of emc1 and the HEAD of emc2.

(originally posted on the AXIS blog)

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