SOIC-8 to DIP adapter board

This little board is an adapter from SOIC-8 to .6"-spacing DIP. It allows a surface-mount or thru-hole decoupling capacitor to be placed on the board as well. I'll be using this to breadboard a flash trigger circuit. The op-amp I chose is in a surface-mount package.

The board very cleanly milled. Two areas needing just a bit of additional cleanup are visible at the bottom, and that was solved with nothing more than the tip of the fingernail. To give a sense of scale, the board is about .4x.75 inches overall (10x19mm), with the holes being .1" (2.54mm) apart.

I took the photo with my new macro lens. I used a combination of back-lighting and the camera's built-in flash. The photo is hand-held with an exposure time of 1/125s (ISO 100, f/8.0), and postprocessed with gimp's perspective tool.

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