More high-speed photography

With the help of Chris and Emily, we got some pretty good photos this evening.

First, we changed the flash's 200uF capacitor for a 33uF one. This decreases the total light of the flash as well as the duration of the flash. Most of these photos were taken at ISO 100, aperture from f/6.3 to f/16, with the shutter open for one or two seconds. Before the change, I had to use an extreme f-stop of f/28 and motion blur was visible in many photos.

It seemed like Chris spent most of the time running the camera, and Emily and I got to destroy things.

We broke balloons, pasta and ice. We also did one non-destructive thing, coins dropped in standing water.

The pasta research was mentioned a few months ago and a memory of it was what prompted me to try breaking the pasta (we actually used linguine, I think).

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