Cheeseball Barley Wine

(adapted from the Horn Dog Barley Wine recipe in Clone Brews; Clone Brews offers mini-mash and all-grain versions of this recipe)

My half-batch came out very dark and not at all hoppy. The original recipe calls for 9 months of bottle conditioning, but I found it to be very pleasant after just 2 months. I prefer to split a (12oz) bottle with a friend. This is quite enough to lend a pleasant feeling of warmth. It's said to keep at cellar temperatures for 2 years, but I doubt this has ever been experimentally proven.

Pairs well with left-over ginger triple-chocolate wedding cake.

Style: English Barley Wine
OG: 1.103-1.104
FG: 1.023-1.024
Est ABV: 10.2%

Recipe for 5 gallons:

Steep:Crush and steep in 1 gallon 150° water for 30 minutes8oz German dark Munich malt
7oz Cara-Munich malt
6oz 120°L American crystal malt
Strain and sparge:Strain the grain water into your brew pot. Sparge the grains with 1 gallon water at 150°F. Add water to the brew pot for 2 gallons total volume. Bring the water to a boil, remove the pot from the stove, and add:11lb light DME
12.8oz cane sugar
1.3oz Northern Brewer 10%AA (bittering hop)
Boil:Add water until the total volume in the brew pot is 4 gallons. Boil for 45 minutes, taking care to avoid a boil-over. Then add:1oz Perle (flavor hop)
1tsp Irish moss
Boil for 8 additional minutes and then add:1oz Cascade (aroma hop)
Cool and pitch:Boil for 7 additional minutes. Remove from stove and cool for 15 minutes. Strain (not siphon) the cooled wort into the primary fermenter and add cold water to obtain 5⅛ gallons. When the wort is under 70°F, pitch your yeast.White Labs WLP099 Super High Gravity yeast
2nd choice: Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast
Ferment:Ferment in the primary fermenter 7 days or until the fermentation slows, then siphon into the secondary fermenter and add:½oz Cascade (dry hop)
Prime:Three days before bottling, prime the beer in the secondary fermenter with a dose of:Danstar Winsor Ale Yeast or White Labs WLP099 Super High Gravity Ale Yeast
Bottle:Bottle when fermentation is complete with:1¾ cups DME boiled in 2 cups of water

I made only a half-batch; the full batch requires that you have room in your brewpot for 4 gallons liquid plus the foam that is kicked up when bringing the wort to a boil. With the 3lbs sugar per gallon of wort I think the foam is worse with a typical wort aiming for a 4-5% alcohol. If I make a full batch I think I'll have to buy a bigger brewpot, modify the recipe to a smaller boil voume, and/or add a part of the sugars after flameout, a technique used in an Austin Homebrew blonde ale recipe I followed back in November.

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