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Cheeseball Barley Wine [01319552588]
(adapted from the Horn Dog Barley Wine recipe in Clone Brews; Clone Brews offers mini-mash and all-grain versions of this recipe) My half-batch came out very dark and not at all hoppy. The original recipe calls for 9 months of bottle conditioning, but I found it to be very pleasant after just 2 months. I prefer to split a (12oz) bottle with a friend. This is quite enough to lend a pleasant feeling of warmth. It's said to keep at cellar temperatures for 2 years, but I doubt this has ever been experimentally proven. Pairs well with left-over ginger triple-chocolate wedding cake. Style: English Barley Wine OG: 1.103-1.104 FG: 1.023-1.024 Est ABV: 10.2% Recipe for 5 gallons:

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