Half-maximize script for Linux

A number of times, I've said that I like the Windows 7 feature that allows a window to easily be half-maximized. I got tired of waiting for it to be added to my favorite window manager, so I wrote a script that uses the program wmctrl to half-maximize windows, then bound it to key presses in my window manager. Now, with a press of ctrl+alt+[QWER], I can half-maximize a window into 4 locations on my dual-monitor setup.

The script can be customized by putting settings in the file ~/.halfmaxrc, useful if your monitor setup differs from mine (as it almost certainly does)

My second monitor is 16:9 widescreen; I suspect that "one-third-maximized" would be even better than half-maximized, though this already doesn't really fit the script's design. Use the script as a starting point for your own tweaks; that's what I'll be doing.

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