Every once in a while, ssh is too slow

I'm using my OLPC XO-1 as a music server which allows anyone in the household the ability to play, stop, pause, adjust volume, and so on. This was first done by 'ssh olpc ...', but there's a substantial delay between issuing the action and its effect. So I wrote a simple web service that does the same thing. It turns out that most of the time is ssh overhead that's not present in a http connection.

$ time ssh olpc /home/olpc/bin/cmus-playpause
real  0m0.522s
$ time wget -O /dev/null http://olpc:8000/playpause
real  0m0.066s

It's nothing like the 384x speedup I got the last time I was complaining about the olpc's performance, but it's still nothing to sneeze at.

Entry first conceived on 6 March 2012, 1:35 UTC, last modified on 6 March 2012, 1:40 UTC
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