Estimating WWVB Signal Health

Over in CWWVB, I've added a health estimate of the WWVB signal.

I define the health of the signal over one symbol as the number of samples that differ from the ideal for that symbol. The health of the signal is simply the health over a larger number of symbols. In the case of CWWVB, I've chosen to track 60 symbols (one minute) by default.

The signal health percentage is just the long-term health number divided by the total number of samples.

I passed a substantial number of logs from the WWVB Observatory to the standalone CWWVB decoder program, printing the health of each successfully decoded minute (the minutes were not checked for correctness against the known time, just for passing the basic tests: fixed mark and 0 symbols present, no BCD decode errors). Only 0.03% of minutes with health below 85% successfully decoded. I ended up picking 97% as the health cut-off number for CWWVB.

Entry first conceived on 31 October 2021, 14:17 UTC, last modified on 31 October 2021, 18:11 UTC
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