"Letter Boxed" puzzle statistics

You might wonder, for a fully random "letter boxed" puzzle, what proportion are unsolveable?

I modified my solver from the previous post to also generate random puzzles, and analyzed the results of 100,000 runs. For these runs, I used a dictionary from github that claimed to be "the scrabble dictionary", though I have no way of verifying it. It contained 178691 words which I had to convert to lowercase due to the way my search program is implemented.

To the statistics:

I haven't played enough official puzzles to know, but I suspect that there are additional constraints on the letters (For example, no Q without U; vowels on at least 3 edges), or puzzles are constrained by having at least one "relatively short" answer, or the puzzle is fully human curated.

Here's the worst puzzle I found, using that dictionary from above. It has a shortest solution of 10 words & 39 characters: fysvzhcplgim

puzzle answer for fys / vzh / cpl / gim ghi - ich - hip - phiz - zips - shiv - vivific - chili - ism - myc

Not all of those seem like words to me, but that is how scrabble dictionaries are.

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