Notes on using skyui with Skyrim Anniversary Edition from GOG

1. install Lutris
2. enter GOG credentials
3. Install Elder Scrolls Special Edition
4. Install DLC
5. Run skyrim once and quit
6. manually download:
  - vortex mod from nexusmods
  - skse64 from
  - skyui from
  - unofficial patch from nexusmods
7. In lutris, "run exe inside wine prefix", select vortex mod exe
   (uncheck the "run vortex" option in the last installer step)
8. In lutris, duplicate the skyrim launcher. Call the duplicate "vortex (skyrim se) and set its executable to .../Program Files/Black Tree Gaming Ltd/Vortex/Vortex.exe. Open the new program, and select the first option when prompted
9. On first run, agree to downloading microsoft .net
10. find "skyrim special edition" under unmanged (use "search for a game")
    and then select its location under My Computer / Drive C / GOG
11. Click to the mods pane.
12. drag & drop the downloaded skse64 and skyui 7z files to vortex
13. change the skyrim launcher path to .../GOG Games/Skyrim Anniversary Edition/skse64_loader.exe
14. Launch skyrim, choosing the first option

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