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24 July 2009, 2:19 UTC

CropGUI 0.1.1: now with gtk

Earlier this year, I released a program for lossless cropping of jpeg images. This week, based on feedback from Ingrid, I ported the program to gtk (it originally used tkinter).

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24 February 2009, 23:09 UTC

cropgui: A Linux GUI for Lossless JPEG Cropping

Update: See the newer version of cropgui

Of the pictures from my recent trip I'd like to put online, I've found that in 75% of the cases where I want to retouch the photo, it's to crop it and nothing else. Since I shoot in jpeg, it's a lossy process to load the jpeg in gimp, crop it, and write the result.

But it turns out that debian's jpegtran has a "-crop" flag which performs lossless cropping of jpeg images as long as the crop is to a multiple of what the manpage calls the "iMCU boundary", a (usually?) 8x8 block of pixels. This feature was pioneered by Guido of some years ago.

There's apparently a nice Windows front-end to this program, but I didn't find a Linux one. So I wrote one! It's pretty basic, but it gets the job done. You can download it below.

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