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15 August 2012, 13:01 UTC

How to become a felon: by reading the newspaper edition

  1. Read our local news paper on its website
  2. Receive a message that you've read your limit of articles this month
  3. Open "Private Browsing" (Mozilla Firefox), "InPrivate Filtering" (Internet Explorer) or "Incognito mode" (Google Chrome)
  4. Return to the local paper's website and read another story

It is possible that you are now a felon under Nebraska Revised Statute 28-1344, which says:

Any person who intentionally accesses… any computer… without authorization… shall be guilty of a class IV felony if he or she intentionally: … (2) obtains property or services of another


18 December 2011, 14:42 UTC

Need another reminder to steer clear of non-Free software?

It's played out over and over again on proprietary platforms: the vendor decides that this or that component should be deleted from user machines, and as if by magic it happens, without regard to the fact that user systems will encounter reduced functionality as a result.

Well, through its "Partner" archive, Ubuntu is in the unenviable position of doing the same thing.

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