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7 September 2009, 0:41 UTC

Lauritzen Gardens

We took a trip to the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha today. Here are a few of my photos. Apparently I've done about 6600 shutter releases on the camera I bought this spring--wow!

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5 September 2008, 14:43 UTC

More macro photos

I found the hot shoe adapter for my ring flash, and also added a 49mm +10 diopter to the mix. Then I ran around taking photos in the hopes that a few were presentable.

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1 September 2008, 1:26 UTC

Milled Circuit Board Macro Photographs

By combining a 2x telephoto extender, 100mm lens, and 1:1 macro diopter, it's possible to get some serious magnification. The shots are all hand-held at ISO 400 or 800, F22, built-in flash. I also had some success with a +4 diopter alone, but when combined with everything else it ends up shadowing the subject. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the hot-shoe adapter for my ring flash, which would have cleared that problem right up. If it does turn up, I'm going to take some more photos right away.

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9 September 2006, 14:27 UTC

Labor Day Macro Photos

Here are some photos I took at Rob and Carol's on Labor Day weekend. Emphasis on macro shots because I spent the day with only my 100mm lens.

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12 January 2006, 17:21 UTC

African Violet flower macros

I took these photos of the blooming african violet hanging over the sink. I used my new macro lens and ring flash, both on the lens and held in my left hand to light the flowers from other directions. Instead of being thumbnails, the small images are crops, because I'm thrilled about the level of detail in these photos.

Slowly I'm getting better at hand-holding and manually focusing my macro shots.

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12 January 2006, 17:12 UTC

Odd Macro Flash Photo

I put my macro ring light on the table, put a Twenty on top of it, and snapped this photo.


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