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26 August 2011, 2:25 UTC

Two days in Banff

After Calgary, we stayed a few days in Banff, using it as a base of operations to conduct light hikes and picnicking in the national park. Locations visited included Cascade Pond, Two Jack Lake, Lake Minnewanka, Lake Louise, and Moraine Lake.

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14 August 2011, 18:57 UTC

Canadian Rockies Panoramas

On this trip, I took a number of panoramic photographs. Click the "(L)" link for the truly huge, scrollable version of each panorama.

The panoramas were stitched (from as many as 20 images, or 1/8 of a gigapixel!) using Hugin. This is a great—and free—program that runs on Windows and Mac in addition to Linux; I can't recommend it enough. When the images are decently aligned, it is a very fast (and not at all fiddly) process to produce a very decent panorama.

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