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28 June 2012, 16:24 UTC

Friendlier unicode entry in rxvt-unicode

I recently was hanging out on #rxvt-unicode where a fellow user mentioned that entering unicodes via the shift+ctrl+<hex digits> method was inconvenient. He mentioned that some other program (which?) uses shift+ctrl+u followed by hex digits. So I wrote a perl plugin for rxvt-unicode that does just that.

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8 February 2011, 14:01 UTC

urxvt: on-the-fly font changing

Deep in the mists of time, rxvt had "use smaller font" and "use bigger font" keystrokes. Now, instead of that facility, it has escape codes to set the font. It's possible to bind these to keys, as documented in urxvt(1) under CHANGING FONTS. But it's also possible to do it from a program.

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