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HTC Detail on ting MVNO [01328842550]
… I recently learned about the cellphone service from, and decided the time was right to…
… switch cellphone providers and get a new device. If you decide to switch to Ting, please…

LG Optimus S on ting MVNO [01337004956]
LG Optimus S (LG-LS670) I finally talked Ingrid into switching from Sprint to ting. After deliberation, she decided to go with the cheapest Android phone, the LG Optimus S (LG-LS670). My good experience with my HTC Detail must have helped her decide to give ting a try. Her old phone was an LG Remarq (feature phone with slider keyboard), but the service on Sprint was costing her $82 a month, and she was starting to want smartphone features like decent access to Google calendars and her e-mail. Well, she can have it all, and for only about $30 a month on ting! If this article helps you decide to switch to ting, please use my referral code to get $25 off your phone (and $25 off a monthy bill for me!)

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