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Florida: Fruit and Spice Park, and Everglades [01235093100]
(M)(L)Little blue heron (juvenile plumage) These photos are from the day when went to the Fruit and Spice park and then to the Shark Valley Park , a part of the everglades.

Florida: Bugs and Spiders edition [01235167452]
… from several days of our Florida trip. Most are hand-held with a Sigma 105mm macro lens…

Florida: Non-Orchid Plants [01235794422]
… of things were flowering in Florida. Other plants were just interesting even without flowers. I intend…

Florida: Animals [01235857247]
(M)(L)Lizard I'm saving the birds for an upcoming post, but here's a survey of the other animals we saw on the trip.

Florida: Mostly Orchids [01235876072]
(M)(L)img_2914 After the earlier set of non-orchid plant photos, here's an album of mostly orchids. A few other things crept in, because I can't resist (and because in putting together the earlier albums I'd forgotten about 400 phtotos from my second memory card!)

Ingrid's Florida Trip Photos [01235936879]
… at various sites in South Florida. (M)(L)Moss on trees at Loxahatchee (M)(L)Egret (M)(L)Sunset at Loxahatchee (M)(L)Flowers…

Florida Birds [01237430171]
Bird photos from the florida trip. Captions to follow as soon as I can get Ingrid…

All the florida photos [01237473258]
We split up the Florida trip photos over quite a number of pages. Here are links…

Florida 2014 (mostly Everglades) [01394388124]
We recently travelled to Florida. I took a ton of photos, mostly in the Everglades. Here…

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