Florida: Fruit and Spice Park, and Everglades

These photos are from the day when went to the Fruit and Spice park and then to the Shark Valley Park , a part of the everglades.

These photos were taken on Digital Rebel XSi in 6 megapixel ("M-fine") mode, most with a sigma 105mm f/2.8 macro lens.

The XO-1 combined with the PTP camera interface make a lousy platform for choosing photos to put online! As the workflow involved writing down picture numbers and then copying them, I didn't get quite the ones I intended. Oh well; these are mostly pretty good.

We saw lots of bees at the Fruit and Spice Park, then some birds and some more pollinators at Shark Valley. The "other stuff" got more attention at Shark Valley compared to the birds and gators; we had become pretty jaded about them the day before when we also visited the everglades (those photos aren't online just yet).

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