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Australia Travel Blog [australia]

Canada dinner experience, links to photos [01123908684]
… she actually did. Through time travel I hope to be able to recover the picture after…

Photos from my recent trip to Canada [01124916046]
Here are some photographs from my recent trip to British Columbia, along with Ingrid and her folks. We first went to Victoria, visiting several nearby beaches and the Buchant gardens. Later we went to Whistler, a ski village north of Vancouver. I took only a few photos there. Finally, we spent the last day and a half in Vancouver itself, but I didn't take any pictures. Ingrid has more photos from Whistler and Vancouver, perhaps she'll put them online someday.

Europe 2007: First days [01177464693]
I've just returned from a vacation in Germany and France. Over the next few days I'll be putting some of my 600 photos online, roughly in chronological order.

Canada Trip 2007 [01184844627]
As we pause in Quebec City, I thought I should take the time to upload a few photos.

Montréal Botanical Garden [01185205797]
(M)(L)Bee on coneflower On our last day in Montréal the weather finally cleared—it had been raining for two days straight—so Ingrid and I headed to the Jardin Botanique (Botanical Garden). Unfortunately, we only had a few hours to spend at the gardens and so we only saw about a quarter of it. In that time I still managed to get a bunch of nice photos.

Colorado Vacation Photos [01223315954]
(M)(L)Red Rocks Colorado Here are some photos from our recent trip to Colorado, along with a couple unrelated shots of a community crops garden.

Florida: Fruit and Spice Park, and Everglades [01235093100]
(M)(L)Little blue heron (juvenile plumage) These photos are from the day when went to the Fruit and Spice park and then to the Shark Valley Park , a part of the everglades.

Florida: Bugs and Spiders edition [01235167452]
(M)(L)Spiny orb weaver These photos are from several days of our Florida trip. Most are hand-held with a Sigma 105mm macro lens on a Rebel XSi. Many are cropped. Update, 2009-02-25: Cropped many more of the photos now that I'm back at a nice fast machine, and revised some descriptions.

Florida: Non-Orchid Plants [01235794422]
(M)(L)img_0212 Lots of things were flowering in Florida. Other plants were just interesting even without flowers. I intend to devote another page to the orchids we saw, but here are the non-orchid plants. Updated 2009-02-29: Added image titles.

Florida: Animals [01235857247]
(M)(L)Lizard I'm saving the birds for an upcoming post, but here's a survey of the other animals we saw on the trip.

Florida: Mostly Orchids [01235876072]
(M)(L)img_2914 After the earlier set of non-orchid plant photos, here's an album of mostly orchids. A few other things crept in, because I can't resist (and because in putting together the earlier albums I'd forgotten about 400 phtotos from my second memory card!)

Ingrid's Florida Trip Photos [01235936879]
(M)(L)Sea Turtle Here are some of the best photos taken on Ingrid's camera at various sites in South Florida.

Florida Birds [01237430171]
(M)(L)img_1305 Bird photos from the florida trip. Captions to follow as soon as I can get Ingrid to identify the birds for me.

All the florida photos [01237473258]

Kansas City, St. Louis, and Champaign trip [01240107361]
(M)(L)Mid-air bee We recently took a trip to Kansas City, St. Louis, and Champaign. Here are some photos from that trip. Sites represented here include Powell Gardens outside Kanasas City, the botanical gardens in St. Louis, Wonmo and Cheongsil's apartment, and some parks near Champaign.

Ingrid's photos from Chicago [01248142683]
(M)(L)A small yard full of plants These are Ingrid's photos from our recent trip to Chicago. Photos from the Lincoln Park Zoo, Lincoln Park Conservatory, Garfield Park Conservatory and the Sheffield Garden Tour. No community gardens or farmers' markets--shocking!

Minneapolis Bugs and Stuff [01251675328]
(M)(L)White Crab Spider We took a weekend trip to Minneapolis to visit some relatives. For sights we visited the Walker art musem and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. I found photographic subjects at the Arboretum.

Lauritzen Gardens [01252284062]
(M)(L)Moth on flower We took a trip to the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha today. Here are a few of my photos. Apparently I've done about 6600 shutter releases on the camera I bought this spring--wow!

Ingrid's Minnesota Photos [01252892825]
(M)(L)Swiss chard Except for the first picture, the first batch are from our late August trip up to the Twin Cities. We enjoyed visiting cousins and exploring some of the sites. Most of the photos are from the beautiful Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. The second batch, beginning with the rocks, are from a trip over Labor Day weekend to Omaha's Lauritzen Gardens--lots of fun flowers, and even some veggies.

Frankfurt Palmengarten [01271837641]
(M)(L)Goslings sleeping Here are a few of the things that caught my eye on our second visit to the Frankfurt Palmengarten (botanical garden). The photos that were the most fun to take were the goslings; I was surprised that the parents (who were right nearby) didn't take much notice of me, even when I got within 2-3 feet of their babies! The little ones barely noticed me either. I took 200 images of them alone, so it was hard picking just 3 to show here.

Photos from the Barcelona Botanic Garden and nearby [01273709741]
(M)(L)Bugloss from the Canary Islands (Echium callithrysum) These are photos from our sixth day of visiting Barcelona when we went to the Montjuïc area, and explored the many gardens there. We spent most of our time at the Barcelona Botanic Garden, which was huge and full of amazing plants, especially the Australia and Canary Island sections, which we explored throughly.

Frankfurt Palmengarten [01274060121]
(M)(L)Colorful orchid. The Frankfurt Palmengarten on our first visit in early April. It was the last day of their annual orchid show, so we took lots of photos. I can't identify most of them, but they're still enjoyable to look at.

Photos from Marburg [01274549136]
(M)(L)One of many camellias at the New Botanic Garden in Marburg. We spent a day visiting Marburg, near Frankfurt, which is a wonderful town with lots of neat old architecture and a fantastic botanic garden.

Jeff's Barcelona 2010 photos [01275855805]
(M)(L)Montserrat These are some of the photos I took on the Barcelona part of our vacation back in March.

Jeff's Barcelona Botanical Garden Photos [01276172604]
(M)(L)Tiny cluster of flowers I separated these Barcelona Botanical Garden photos from the rest because I took so many photos there.

Dresden Photos [01279402354]
(M)(L)City of Dresden including the Hausmannsturm and Hofkirche What was supposed to be the final week of our journey was spent in Dresden, visiting Ingrid's relatives. The weather was not as nice as the rest of our trip, but we enjoyed seeing everyone and exploring both familiar and new places. We also had some great meals, and had better luck finding vegetarian food on this visit that in the past.

Some California Photos [01308021499]
(M)(L)Long-tailed weasel Click through for a few pictures from California, mostly from around Mendocino. A few are from the Petaluma area and the Big Basin redwood forest. The long-tailed weasel (not a ferret!) is from half-moon bay.

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Jellyfish [01308195705]
(M)(L)img_7428-crop Here are some photos from the Monetery Bay Aquarium, where we spent an entire day. One big chunk of time was spent among the jellyfish.

Elkhorn Slough Boat Tour [01309113843]
(M)(L)Sea otter chows down while sea gull hopes for leftovers On our way back from Monterey to San Francisco, we rode a pontoon boat on the Elkhorn Slough near Moss Landing (named for Mr. Moss, not the plant). This provided the trip's best opportunity to get close to seals, sea lions, and sea otters.

Ingrid's California Photos (part 1) [01310952422]
(M)(L)The beautiful Chileno Ranch flower garden Photos from the first half of our San Francisco area trip, from Ingrid's camera. Mendocino, Hendy Woods, and Petaluma area.

Ingrid's California Photos (part 2) [01311041800]
(M)(L)The gorgeous colors at Point Lobos Photos from the second half of our trip to California, a beautiful journey to the south of San Francisco and in the city.

California: Odds and Ends [01311448531]
(M)(L)Lizard at Point Lobos It's a bit of a jumble, but here are the highlights from the rest of my California photos. These are from all over the trip, including: one from Mendocino, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Point Lobos, Sunset and Moonrise in Monterey, and one from the Golden Gate Park Arboretum.

Canada: Calgary [01314224658]
(M)(L)Dragonfly (Inglewood Bird Sanctuary) In Calgary, we went to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and the Calgary Zoo.

Two days in Banff [01314325514]
(M)(L)Water at Lake Minnewanka After Calgary, we stayed a few days in Banff, using it as a base of operations to conduct light hikes and picnicking in the national park. Locations visited included Cascade Pond, Two Jack Lake, Lake Minnewanka, Lake Louise, and Moraine Lake.

Ingrid's Canadian Rockies Photos [01323743356]
(M)(L)A beautiful reflection in Lake Annette Photos that Ingrid took on our August 2011 trip to the Canadian Rockies, including Banff and Jasper National Parks

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne [australia/01351249098]
(M)(L)Black Swan at the gardens On the second day of our trip, we spent the morning at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. Here are a few of my photos from our visit. (The first three are Ingrid's.)

Big Day Out [australia/01351589211]
(M)(L)Rainbow Bee-Eater On our first full day in Port Douglas, we went on a day-long birding tour with Murray Hunt of Daintree Boatman Nature Tours. We first went on a morning boat tour with one other person, and then in the late morning and afternoon he drove us to a number of sites that provided numerous opportunities to photograph birds (and a few other things). I took about 900 photos. The first six are from Ingrid's camera, the rest are a selection of the better ones from mine.

Australian Coral Reefs [australia/01352716308]
(M)(L)img_6780-crop During our week in Far North Queensland, we took two snorkeling trips on the coral reefs. The first (and better) was Quicksilver Cruises' deep reef trip on a big boat where we snorkeled from a pontoon platform. The second (and not quite as good) trip was from the beaches of Fitzroy Island, which is much closer to the mainland. The good part about the Fitzroy trip is that we stayed overnight on the island's resort so one or both of us snorkeled both mornings and both afternoons, as opposed to the hurry-hurry feel of the outer reef (not to mention that we also saw island plants and animals on a couple of hikes). The bad parts were that Ingrid had some minor seasickness from our trip on a smaller boat; coral (as opposed to sandy) beaches are uncomfortable to walk on; the water seemed to be cloudier and the coral less colorful compared to the deep reef, though after doing some automatic adjustments on the photos they look comparable. We recommend getting "stinger suits" (lycra bodysuits) even if you aren't being told there are jellyfish in the water and even if you feel they look unflattering on you. The big benefit is that you basically don't have to worry about sunburn or sunscreen, as the lycra blocks UV. Just about the only thing exposed is your face, and hopefully you have it stuck underwater 90% of the time. I didn't burn my back and shoulders after hours of snorkeling—it was the 20 minutes in an inland freshwater pool later in the week when I finally got a sunburn worth complaining about! Each time, we rented ("hired") an underwater camera (basic P&S cameras with underwater enclosures), and got a few good pictures from the process. Please forgive us for not attempting to identify the coral or fish in each photo.

Tropical Rainforest [australia/01352931761]
(M)(L)Really, really big tree. The gorgeous tropical rainforest of North Queensland. It was full of amazing plants and was lush everywhere you looked. These photos are from a couple of sites—the first set are from the area around Mossman Gorge, where we went on a Dreamtime Tour with an Aboriginal guide. He told us both about what traditional life had been like, but also what life is like for people now and what traditions they have been able to hold onto. The second set is from Cape Tribulation, a little further north, where we took a number of different walks in the forest. Warning: Spider pictures inside.

Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat [australia/01353660922]
(M)(L)Rainbow Lorikeet Wildlife Habitat at Port Douglas, a zoo of North Queensland animals, including a great variety of birds, mammals and reptiles. There was plenty to see and do, and plenty of pictures to be taken. We'd already seen many of the birds in the wild, but it was neat to see them up close.

Australia: Granite Gorge, Fitzroy Island and Lake Barrine [australia/01353920019]
(M)(L)Tropical journeys On our way to Cairns, we stopped at Granite Gorge, a private park. You can buy food to feed the Rock Wallabies (supposedly it doesn't make them fat, but they sure like it), and then take a nice hike over many boulders. It was a fun and very scenic day, and then we swam for a bit in their pond to cool off (though Jeff sunburned his back here). There's also a few more photos here from Fitzroy Island, where we enjoyed the rainforest in addition to the reef snorkeling already posted. Finally, we have some photos from our walk around Lake Barrine, a beautiful lake inland from Cairns.

Victoria Sites [australia/01353922209]
(M)(L)A billabong! After returning from Queensland, we explored a variety of sites to the east of Melbourne. Wilsons Prom was a beautiful park on the southern coast, and we went on a couple of nice cruises on the Murray River.

More Sites Around Victoria [australia/01354589572]
(M)(L)Beautiful view from Mt. William in the Grampians. Here are some fun photos showing a wide variety of places we visited over the course of a week in Melbourne and cities around Victoria. These include the Halls Gap Zoo (a small rural zoo with quite a few animals), Horsham (small town where Ingrid's friend teaches), Grampians (beautiful national park), Geelong (city south of Melbourne with the National Wool Musem), CERES Environmental Park (with community gardens, small farms, delicious cafe, plant nursery, tons of educational displays, and much more) and some community gardens on public housing estates.

Healesville Sanctuary [australia/01354848353]
(M)(L)White-browed Wood Swallow After Wilsons Promontory, we visited Healesville Sanctuary, one of the Zoos Victoria sites. At Healesville, all the animals are Australian. The day was overcast and lightly rainy, but not enough to interfere with our enjoyment of the animals. They had displays of wombats and Tasmanian devils, but the animals were not visible when we went by. They also had a platypus on display, but the lighting was too dim to be able to get a photograph. Too bad, as we never got a platypus photo on the whole trip, though we did see them in zoos twice.

Zoos in Victoria [australia/01356653168]
(M)(L)Australian Pelican. We started out the next part of our trip in Werribee, where friends live, and they took us to the Werribee Open Range Zoo, run by the Melbourne Zoo. There you can ride in a bus around the safari area, seeing plenty of mainly African animals along the way. You can also walk around other areas and explore other animals. They also took us to other sites in Werribee. The next day we wandered around the entire Melbourne Zoo, which is quite an amazing place.

Tasmania Sites #1 [australia/01356788362]
(M)(L)Cradle Mountain Walk The first half of our Tasmania visit. The first part is all at Cradle Mountain where we explored many trails. This was the only truly cold day of our trip, but we still saw many beautiful places on our hikes, and wombats, echidnas and wallabies in the wild. There's also pictures here from the beautiful Cataract Gorge in Launceston.

Tasmania #2 [australia/01357266183]
(M)(L)The painted cliffs at Maria Island For the second half of our tour around Tasmania, we went to Freycinet National Park, which was absolutely gorgeous. Had a great hike up to view Wineglass Bay, and then visited other bays and areas of the park. We also stayed not to far away at Windsong B&B. We then spent a day on the tiny Maria Island enjoying being away from people and cars. For the last day, we explored the Royal Tasmania Botanical Garden in Hobart.

Kingfisher Cruise [australia/01359943585]
(M)(L)Azure Kingfisher We took a lovely cruise on the Murray River, between the border of Victoria and New South Wales, courtesy of Kingfisher Cruises. It was a fun trip exploring a shallow river area with a wide mix of birds.

Halls Gap Zoo [australia/01360203393]
(M)(L)Red panda on the way to food. Jeff took some really neat pictures in Halls Gap Zoo, not far from Horsham.

Great Ocean Road [australia/01361933080]
(M)(L)The gorgeous Grotto, along the Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road travels along the coast of Victoria to the west of Melbourne. It's an area of amazing beauty and contrasts, well loved by tourists. We enjoyed the dramatic ocean views as well as the wildlife. Jeff got some amazing photos along the way.

First Half of Tasmania [australia/01363571481]
(M)(L)Water droplets in the Tasmanian temperate rain forest Here are more shots from Tasmania, this time from Jeff's camera in much more detail! The first set is from Cradle Mountain on our rainy, cool full day there, where Jeff found some cool rain drops and lichen. Then we visited the Tamar Valley Wetlands near Launceston and enjoyed a lovely walk. Finally, there are a few shots of neat insects from Windsong B&B where we stayed on the east coast of Tasmania.

Maria Island [australia/01364176339]
(M)(L)Sandstone carved by the sea and colored with iron. We spent one of our last days at Maria Island, just off the east coast of Tasmania. It was a beautiful, uninhabited island, with tons of amazing scenery. I've narrowed down our pictures to a few of the best.

Florida 2014 (mostly Everglades) [01394388124]
(M)(L)Osprey in the air We recently travelled to Florida. I took a ton of photos, mostly in the Everglades. Here are some of the better examples. Warning: Contains spiders and animals eating other animals.

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