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speaking of busts... [01112924139]
My HP laptop was picked up yesterday for its second bout of warranty service. I should have it back soon. But read on for the story of what happened when I played good customer and followed the support tech's advice.

Time for my first rant: Lexar readies "secure" CF card; Phil Askey laps it up [01118099352]
I've been a long-time reader of, because it's a great resource for information about digital cameras. But with his latest product preview, Phil Askey shows that he should stick to telling us how cameras perform.

Phil Askey continues to impress us with his crypto savvy [01118320753]
I noticed that the news article on Lexar LockTight was updated. Did Askey make up for the shortcomings of the original article? Should we now be more confident in Lexar's new product?

Canada dinner experience, links to photos [01123908684]
After being seated, Camilla showed up with our menus. Roger asked about the vegetarian meal he had been promised on the phone, and she said "who told you that?" and "that's not correct!"

Two optical illusions [01131390746-two-optical-illusions]

The best assertion ever [software/01132614188-best-assertion-ever]

Odd Macro Flash Photo [01137085937]

Whine!!!!!!!&exclam; [01146611339]

The stupidest thing I saw today.... [01156553339]

Acronym of the day: STEWD [01165420801]

As seen on the internet [01195490306]

As seen in hell.... [01198272480]

Collate this! [01198877098]

Math is hard (even for google)! [01201106204]

Ingredients Fail [01236639885]

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