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Linear Delta Kinematics [01373628488]
… and converting it to use LinuxCNC is even further in the future, but I've been working…
… on a LinuxCNC kinematics model and visualization. The code is presently living in branch joints_axes3 on…

Got a 3D printer [01373898562]
… I'll make it work with LinuxCNC.

Rotary Delta Kinematics [01373992365]

Debugging realtime components in UBC3 [01379554481]
Here's how to run the debugger on realtime code in the "unified-build-candidate3" branch from This assumes you are using a run-in-place tree with a userspace realtime model, and that you understand the basics of gdb.

DragonBoard™ 410c with rt-preempt failure [01441118358]
LinuxCNC latency test results on DragonBoard I was excited to obtain a DragonBoard, an affordable 64-bit…
… the goal is to run LinuxCNC on it with rt-preempt realtime. So I stuck in a…

Using Adafruit Macropad as LinuxCNC Control Pendant [01629313423]
Update, 2021-09-25: For compatibility with CircuitPython 7.0.0 CircuitPython recently gained the power to have custom USB descriptors. With these, we can define a USB HID device that will work with LinuxCNC's hal_input. For instance, the Adafruit Macropad has a (very coarse, just 20 detents/revolution) encoder, 12 keyswitch positions, and an OLED screen. The two pieces of software below, when placed in the CIRCUITPY drive as and configure it for use with hal_input, using a halcmd line similar to loadusr -W hal_input Macropad. I haven't actually done the work of hooking it all the way up to Touchy yet, but it causes all the buttons & the encoder to appear in halcmd show pin. This is just the device I picked first; there's nothing to prevent you from hooking up more exotic things like voltage/temperature monitors through added CircuitPython code. Addition of output reports for status indicators is left for the motivated reader.

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