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KC Photos 2009 [01246671312]
… of the qulit made of plants (M)(L)Jeff and garden beds (M)(L)Dangerous bugs (M)(L)New restaurant and silo…
… (M)(L)Living wreath (M)(L)Water plants (M)(L)Water lily (M)(L)Asian lily (M)(L)Asian lily (M)(L)Asian lily (M)(L)Asian lily (M)(L)Beginning of…

Chicago: Garfield Park Conservatory [01248037746]
(M)(L)Koi We took a weekend trip to Chicago. My camera came out when we went to Garfield Park.

Ingrid's Garden [01248222628]
… took some other photos of plants and insects. (M)(L)Unidentified fly on moonbeam coreopsis (M)(L)Black-eyed Susan (M)(L)Blackberry…

Lauritzen Gardens [01252284062]
(M)(L)Moth on flower We took a trip to the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha today. Here are a few of my photos. Apparently I've done about 6600 shutter releases on the camera I bought this spring--wow!

Frankfurt Palmengarten [01271837641]
(M)(L)Goslings sleeping Here are a few of the things that caught my eye on our second visit to the Frankfurt Palmengarten (botanical garden). The photos that were the most fun to take were the goslings; I was surprised that the parents (who were right nearby) didn't take much notice of me, even when I got within 2-3 feet of their babies! The little ones barely noticed me either. I took 200 images of them alone, so it was hard picking just 3 to show here.

Photos from the Barcelona Botanic Garden and nearby [01273709741]
… huge and full of amazing plants, especially the Australia and Canary Island sections, which we explored…

Frankfurt Palmengarten [01274060121]
… (M)(L)Unfurling leaves. (M)(L)More lush tropical plants.

Photos from Marburg [01274549136]
(M)(L)One of many camellias at the New Botanic Garden in Marburg. We spent a day visiting Marburg, near Frankfurt, which is a wonderful town with lots of neat old architecture and a fantastic botanic garden.

Jeff's Barcelona Botanical Garden Photos [01276172604]
(M)(L)Tiny cluster of flowers I separated these Barcelona Botanical Garden photos from the rest because I took so many photos there.

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