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An interesting Disk ][ Interface Card Fault [01647378792]
… recently got into 8-bit Apple retrocomputing due to my work with Adafruit. I had a Disk…

An interesting finding about Apple DOS 3.3 diskettes [01649988850]

Generate the 64 GCR values used by Apple DOS 3.3 and ProDos [01650039807]

Xerox 820 & CP/M [01683808046]
My friend Steve was at an estate sale that had some pretty cool old computing stuff. (there had been an IMSAI priced at $300 but someone else bought it) He invited me to go back out the next day, when things were 50% off. I said "sure", mostly because I wanted a chance to hang out with Steve. No plans to buy anything, no way! (this article is part narrative, part notes for myself, so it'll be rambling and updated as I think of things to say)

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