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TI serial-interface DAC [projects/01112140655]
… an XY display. First, a vector game (asteroids or lunar lander). Second, a character-cell display of…
… Third, a weather forecast with vector symbols for "partly cloudy", etc. Lissajous-type design I take back…

VGA to 'scope display [01113670404]
… some simple software to do vector display on a 256x256 grid, the next step is to…

Animated XY display [01113705217]
… have the start of a vector game library in "C" with SDL. It draws lines and…

Vector "text" display [01113752862]
(M)(L)Simulating a character-cell display Displaying a message, even.

Working Z-axis [01114736689]
… be cool except that most vector games seem to have resolution on the order of 1024x1024,…

MAME vector display on the oscilloscope [01114971365]
(M)(L)Asteroids Yep, it works. Too bad about the low resolution. More game pictures below the fold.

"Dithered" output increases resolution [01114979771]
… gives me a 64x48 character vector terminal. It's a lot more readable than this screenshot makes…

More vector game screenshots [01115494353]
… Atari, including his work with vector games. With dithering added to my modified version of xmame,…

Vector patches for xmame 0.94 [software/01115603825]
With this patch applied, xmame 0.94 does vgaxy-style output for display on an oscilloscope in xy mode

vgaxy -- create XY scope displays with your VGA card [software/01115603899]
Software for a virtual terminal and several other toys

XY display update [projects/01117067802]
… monitor from a real classic vector game like Asteroids, which would be great if those monitors…
… steps after that. While the vector terminal is neat, the "real" use of this project in…

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