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6 September 2011, 22:38 UTC

Sunday at the Zoo

I took a little trip to the Lincoln Children's Zoo this weekend and got some photos. Here are a few of the better ones.

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24 August 2011, 22:24 UTC

Canada: Calgary

In Calgary, we went to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and the Calgary Zoo.

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21 April 2010, 8:14 UTC

Frankfurt Palmengarten

Here are a few of the things that caught my eye on our second visit to the Frankfurt Palmengarten (botanical garden).

The photos that were the most fun to take were the goslings; I was surprised that the parents (who were right nearby) didn't take much notice of me, even when I got within 2-3 feet of their babies! The little ones barely noticed me either. I took 200 images of them alone, so it was hard picking just 3 to show here.

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7 September 2009, 0:41 UTC

Lauritzen Gardens

We took a trip to the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha today. Here are a few of my photos. Apparently I've done about 6600 shutter releases on the camera I bought this spring--wow!

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30 August 2009, 23:35 UTC

Minneapolis Bugs and Stuff

We took a weekend trip to Minneapolis to visit some relatives. For sights we visited the Walker art musem and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. I found photographic subjects at the Arboretum.

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2 August 2009, 15:04 UTC

More photos from the yard

Ingrid lured me outside with the promise of a baby praying mantis. I took photos of a few more things that caught my eye, too

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22 July 2009, 0:30 UTC

Ingrid's Garden

Ingrid invited me out to take a picture of a moth. By the time I grabbed and reassembled my camera, the moth was gone--but I took some other photos of plants and insects.

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19 July 2009, 21:09 UTC

Chicago: Garfield Park Conservatory

We took a weekend trip to Chicago. My camera came out when we went to Garfield Park.

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9 July 2009, 21:55 UTC


29 June 2009, 1:20 UTC

Powell Gardens

21 March 2009, 15:54 UTC

Henry Doorly Zoo

20 February 2009, 22:04 UTC

Florida: Bugs and Spiders edition

23 July 2007, 15:49 UTC

Montréal Botanical Garden

9 September 2006, 14:27 UTC

Labor Day Macro Photos

13 September 2005, 23:24 UTC

Bugs in the front yard

24 August 2005, 20:40 UTC

Photos from my recent trip to Canada

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