Here are all the images that show up in the header. This list is only kept up-to-date manually—sorry if it's out-of-date.

A bird at the Kew Gardens in London

A photo of my cat as rendered by Stippler and lit by the circuit described there, as well as a screenshot of Stippler rendering a Sandhill Crane in flight.

A cube drawn on an oscilloscope with a AVR-controlled DAC. More XY-display work can be found in other pages.

Photos taken on the Design Data campus in Spring 2005.

Flowers from our back yard.

A puffer-fish at the Henry Doorly Zoo.

A photo taken long ago, when a preying mantis showed up at work.

Two photos from my trip to Canada.

An unidentified snake taken at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge.

High-speed photo of a water droplet.

Macro photo of milled circuit board

Fiddler Crab

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