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9 March 2014, 18:02 UTC

Florida 2014 (mostly Everglades)

We recently travelled to Florida. I took a ton of photos, mostly in the Everglades. Here are some of the better examples. Warning: Contains spiders and animals eating other animals.

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1 December 2012, 1:12 UTC

Android "Birds of Australia" unpacker

For our recent trip to Australia, we purchased the Birds of Australia app; it was really handy during our travels when we were trying to identify birds (though there are some things about the UI which could be better).

As a tinkerer, I was interested in finding out how the app stores the bird data and what modification opportunities may exist.

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6 September 2011, 22:38 UTC

Sunday at the Zoo

I took a little trip to the Lincoln Children's Zoo this weekend and got some photos. Here are a few of the better ones.

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26 June 2011, 18:44 UTC

Elkhorn Slough Boat Tour

On our way back from Monterey to San Francisco, we rode a pontoon boat on the Elkhorn Slough near Moss Landing (named for Mr. Moss, not the plant). This provided the trip's best opportunity to get close to seals, sea lions, and sea otters.

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14 June 2011, 3:18 UTC

Some California Photos

Click through for a few pictures from California, mostly from around Mendocino. A few are from the Petaluma area and the Big Basin redwood forest. The long-tailed weasel (not a ferret!) is from half-moon bay.

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12 January 2011, 23:43 UTC

300mm at the zoo

I recently bought myself a late Christmas present: a Canon 300mm f/4L IS lens. Today I played hookey and went to the Omaha zoo to try it out.

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21 April 2010, 8:14 UTC

Frankfurt Palmengarten

Here are a few of the things that caught my eye on our second visit to the Frankfurt Palmengarten (botanical garden).

The photos that were the most fun to take were the goslings; I was surprised that the parents (who were right nearby) didn't take much notice of me, even when I got within 2-3 feet of their babies! The little ones barely noticed me either. I took 200 images of them alone, so it was hard picking just 3 to show here.

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21 March 2009, 15:54 UTC

Henry Doorly Zoo

We recently took a trip to the Omaha zoo. This was my first trip to the new butterfly exhibit with my 105mm macro lens, and I'm pleased with some of the shots I got. We also stopped in the Night World, Aquarium, and Jungle.

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19 March 2009, 2:36 UTC

Florida Birds

9 April 2006, 13:47 UTC

Sandhill Cranes

24 August 2005, 20:40 UTC

Photos from my recent trip to Canada

25 May 2005, 23:56 UTC

Another day at the zoo

8 May 2005, 19:58 UTC

Photos from a trip to the zoo

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