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24 June 2014, 12:35 UTC

Better pasting for irssi in X

While it's otherwise an excellent irc client, I've been frustrated by pasting in irssi. There are two main problems:

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22 June 2014, 17:56 UTC

A Faster-than-light travel idea for SF setting

According to general relativity there is no privileged frame of reference, and faster than light travel leads to time travel paradoxes.

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22 June 2014, 1:36 UTC

Niagara Falls, NY State & Penn State

Photos from Niagara Falls, around New York State and around Pennsylvania

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15 June 2014, 19:19 UTC

Tasmania Sites #1

The first half of our Tasmania visit. The first part is all at Cradle Mountain where we explored many trails. This was the only truly cold day of our trip, but we still saw many beautiful places on our hikes, and wombats, echidnas and wallabies in the wild. There's also pictures here from the beautiful Cataract Gorge in Launceston.

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3 June 2014, 2:59 UTC

Zoos in Victoria

We started out the next part of our trip in Werribee, where friends live, and they took us to the Werribee Open Range Zoo, run by the Melbourne Zoo. There you can ride in a bus around the safari area, seeing plenty of mainly African animals along the way. You can also walk around other areas and explore other animals. They also took us to other sites in Werribee. The next day we wandered around the entire Melbourne Zoo, which is quite an amazing place.

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17 May 2014, 20:10 UTC

Healesville Sanctuary

After Wilsons Promontory, we visited Healesville Sanctuary, one of the Zoos Victoria sites. At Healesville, all the animals are Australian. The day was overcast and lightly rainy, but not enough to interfere with our enjoyment of the animals.

They had displays of wombats and Tasmanian devils, but the animals were not visible when we went by. They also had a platypus on display, but the lighting was too dim to be able to get a photograph. Too bad, as we never got a platypus photo on the whole trip, though we did see them in zoos twice.

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15 May 2014, 16:28 UTC

Samsung ARM Chromebook: the portable I've always wanted

As you might remember, I got a chromebook back in January. A few months later, I just want to say: this is the portable I've always wanted.

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10 May 2014, 16:53 UTC

More Sites Around Victoria

Here are some fun photos showing a wide variety of places we visited over the course of a week in Melbourne and cities around Victoria. These include the Halls Gap Zoo (a small rural zoo with quite a few animals), Horsham (small town where Ingrid's friend teaches), Grampians (beautiful national park), Geelong (city south of Melbourne with the National Wool Musem), CERES Environmental Park (with community gardens, small farms, delicious cafe, plant nursery, tons of educational displays, and much more) and some community gardens on public housing estates.

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30 April 2014, 21:14 UTC

Towards fast I/O in Arduino for AVRs

18 April 2014, 20:27 UTC

Victoria Sites

8 April 2014, 15:41 UTC

Hacking flash apps...

21 March 2014, 19:10 UTC

Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat

13 March 2014, 1:27 UTC

Southern Florida Nature

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