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26 August 2011, 2:25 UTC

Two days in Banff

After Calgary, we stayed a few days in Banff, using it as a base of operations to conduct light hikes and picnicking in the national park. Locations visited included Cascade Pond, Two Jack Lake, Lake Minnewanka, Lake Louise, and Moraine Lake.

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24 August 2011, 22:24 UTC

Canada: Calgary

In Calgary, we went to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and the Calgary Zoo.

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23 July 2011, 19:15 UTC

California: Odds and Ends

It's a bit of a jumble, but here are the highlights from the rest of my California photos. These are from all over the trip, including: one from Mendocino, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Point Lobos, Sunset and Moonrise in Monterey, and one from the Golden Gate Park Arboretum.

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14 June 2011, 3:18 UTC

Some California Photos

Click through for a few pictures from California, mostly from around Mendocino. A few are from the Petaluma area and the Big Basin redwood forest. The long-tailed weasel (not a ferret!) is from half-moon bay.

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22 May 2010, 17:25 UTC

Photos from Marburg

We spent a day visiting Marburg, near Frankfurt, which is a wonderful town with lots of neat old architecture and a fantastic botanic garden.

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17 May 2010, 1:35 UTC

Frankfurt Palmengarten

The Frankfurt Palmengarten on our first visit in early April. It was the last day of their annual orchid show, so we took lots of photos. I can't identify most of them, but they're still enjoyable to look at.

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13 May 2010, 0:15 UTC

Photos from the Barcelona Botanic Garden and nearby

These are photos from our sixth day of visiting Barcelona when we went to the Montjuïc area, and explored the many gardens there. We spent most of our time at the Barcelona Botanic Garden, which was huge and full of amazing plants, especially the Australia and Canary Island sections, which we explored throughly.

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2 August 2009, 15:04 UTC

More photos from the yard

Ingrid lured me outside with the promise of a baby praying mantis. I took photos of a few more things that caught my eye, too

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4 July 2009, 1:35 UTC

KC Photos 2009

29 June 2009, 1:20 UTC

Powell Gardens

1 March 2009, 2:54 UTC

Florida: Mostly Orchids

28 February 2009, 4:13 UTC

Florida: Non-Orchid Plants

5 September 2008, 14:43 UTC

More macro photos

23 July 2007, 15:49 UTC

Montréal Botanical Garden

9 September 2006, 14:27 UTC

Labor Day Macro Photos

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